There's no longer any need to use Readwise2Roam as Readwise have built their own plugin! Please use that instead. Thank you everybody who supported Readwise2Roam in the interim.

Girish Gupta


Readwise2Roam brings together two of my favorite products:

- Readwise which syncs with Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper and many others to bring your highlights into its database and email you a selection every morning.

- Roam Research which is a note-taking app that allows all notes to exist relative to each other.

As soon as I started using Roam, I wanted to bring my Readwise highlights into it. So I wrote some code to do it for me—and realized I wasn't the only one who would want such a hack.

Simply upload your exported Readwise CSV, download the ZIP file, unzip it and import the MD files into Roam!

To get your Readwise CSV, go to Readwise's Export Your Data page and upload the file you get here.

When you've downloaded the zip file after clicking the button above, unzip that and click the three dots on the top right in Roam, press "Import" and select the books you'd like to import.


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